Candid photo's style lends itself to a very relaxed look. For an outdoor shoot, solid colors look great. Neutrals and darks work better than bright white. You might also want to bring an outfit with lots of color. Not everyone in an image needs to "match,"but you will want to coordinate.

For a studio session, I love to photograph parents of babies in all black, so the skin of the baby grabs all the attention. A short sleeve black T shirt on dad and a long sleeve or three-quarter length black shirt on mom would be great. Please also wear black pants. Warning: make sure everything you wear can be washed or dry cleaned as accidents will happen! Babies look best au natural, but please bring a special blanket to swaddle if you'd like. If you have knit hats for your baby, bring them along too. A great place to find hand made knits for a newborn or baby session is

Don't stress...we will discuss your ideas when you book your session.